March 3rd/4th 

Dr. Audrey attended a two-day event in Wisconsin in order to learn how to do implants. The course tutor, Dr. Joe Favia, 
did both a theoretical and hands-on program for six, specially selected dentists. Dr. Audrey will be offering implants to her patients very soon as she would like to have a "one-stop" practice where patients can feel comfortable in her practice without having to be referred elsewhere. Dr. Joe will come to Algonquin Smiles to mentor Dr. Audrey on her first procedures so there will be some great deals for patients who book early.  She will be in the 30% only of dentists who do implants "in-house.

February 23rd/24th

Dr. Audrey attended the Chicago Midwinter Meeting at the McCormick Place Conference Center. She listened to a very interesting lecture on bone regeneration, a process that sometimes needs to be carried out before successful implants can be attempted. The speaker talked about all of latest research and information available on the subject. 

Dr. Audrey and another member of her team attended a lecture by Dr. Charles Blair DDS, a very well respected speaker on all things dental. He gave a very interesting talk on everything from insurance to attracting new patients.  She learned some new things but she is already carrying out many of his suggestions so it was great to get reassurance that she was ahead of the game! 

In between seminars Dr. Audrey walked the exhibition hall visiting over fifty dental suppliers and buying some items  to enhance the patient experience at Algonquin Smiles. She invested in a headset/voice command system which will enable her hygienists to speak directly into a state-of-the-art computer program with patient measurements and details, allowing them to spend more time chair-side with the patient. The hygienists are excited and it will save them getting up and down! 

Dr. Audrey is very interested in gadgets and she can tell those what would enhance her patient experience. She looked at 3D printers (a pet subject of hers) and the brand-new "Burtonbands" (launched at the show) which enable fillings to be placed faster and makes the shape more exact. She was shown by the inventor who was impressed with her knowledge. She also bought new instruments for each of her treatment rooms. 

April 13th 

Dr. Audrey attended a seminar in Barrington given by Dr. John Green DDS. Dr. Green is a very well-respected dentist who became interested in the law and qualified as a lawyer. He now continues to practice dentistry part-time but is very prominent in defending dentists against malpractice claims and advising dentists in conflict resolution. 

Dr. Green spoke at length about the need for dentists to be current in all aspects of patient history and needs and showed examples of paperwork which, in his opinion, should be used by all dentists. His overall message was about "putting the patient first." 

Dr. Audrey and the staff member who attended with her were reassured that what is being done at Algonquin Smiles always puts the patient at the centre of everything. Dr. Green was complimentary to the practice and said that we were (along with other attendees) doing exactly what was required to meet the needs of patients and to prevent any from having to take any complaints further.


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